Helpful resources to keep you and your family safe

Healthness and Wellness

Community Resources for Environmental Health

Learn about potential environmental problems in your home and community, and how to report them.

LA County Lead Program/Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)

How to protect your children and family from lead poisoning in LA County.

California Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch (CLPPB)

How to protect your children and family from lead poisoning in California.

American Academy of Pediatrics, Lead exposure and lead poisoning

Your pediatrician’s role in preventing lead exposure, treating lead poisoning, and advocating for public health measures to address the problem.

Environmental Protection Agency, Lead

Information on lead exposure, safety information, and other abatement and evaluation programs.

National Head Start Association, The Real Risk of Lead

Information for educators and parents on the risks on lead and lead poisoning for your students and children.

Tenant Rights

Housing and Urban Development, Tenants Rights, Laws, and Protections: California

Resources and fact sheets on tenant rights and protections.

LA Housing and Community Investment Department

If you live in the City of Los Angeles, learn about community services and development, housing development and renters information.

Additional Resources

GRID Alternatives

If you are a homeowner, find out if you qualify for a state-funded program to help you save on your energy bills.

Maravilla Weatherization Services

Find out if you qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program for utility assistance, and weatherization services.

Habitat for Humanity

Information on home ownership and repairs in your area.

What You Should Know

Still uncertain about the impact lead paint hazards can have on your family? Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions and tips on preventing lead paint poisoning.

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